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A fraternal organization comprised of those who work in the  Property/Casualty Insurance Industry. This nonprofit provides fellowship, teaches leadership skills, and facilitates educational sessions. Their formal name is the Honorable Order of The Blue Goose, International. They have local groups, called Ponds, throughout the United States and Canada. 

I was thrilled to provide Blue Goose marketing and website design services for their upcoming event. Incorporating each of their design requests, I developed a dynamic conference website that captured their brand and event theme to effectively represent their organization. 

Website Design

Objective: Develop a convention website that echoes the theme of Motown, their Blue Goose brand, and proudly displays the custom event logo.

Convention Logo

The client's logo design requirements:

  • Contain Blue Goose Logo within the new logo.

  • Appear on a record disk.

  • Include the convention's full name.

  • Incorporate both Henry Ford Museum and Motown Museum.

The logo to the right utilizes all of their design requests. They were very pleased with the results.

2024 Grand Nest Convention Motown Migration Logo[84].png

2-Sided Card

Design Requirements:

Create a 2-sided 4X6 card for the planning committee to hand out at networking events.

One side needs to promote the event and include the convention logo.

One side needs to promote the 245 club.

Blue Goose Postcard-2.png
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