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Marketing Professional

Rachel Crane

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I am a highly organized, enthusiastic problem solver with a passion for marketing. Armed with an eye for detail and creative thinking, my expertise includes social media management, project management, and uncovering effective ways to reach audiences. 

I enjoy collaborating with cross-functional teams and handling multiple projects simultaneously. As an analytical thinker who examines data and trends, I make informed decisions about marketing strategies. My strengths have helped me devise creative and data-driven campaigns, resulting in a higher ROI and success.



2021 - 2023

Staffing & Marketing Specialist

Working in the people operations department, I was responsible for designing and implementing recruitment strategies to attract talent and broadcast messaging to their network of contractors.

Eberl Claims Service

Lakewood, CO

  • Designed branded emails using graphic design and creative writing skills to communicate messages for internal staff and external partners. 

  • Crafted monthly newsletters to boost brand awareness and communicate important information to their contractors. 

  • Assembled social media posts and managed a strategic calendar.

  • Participated in the business development committees to strategize ways to attain various objectives.

  • Launched successful recruiting initiatives to fill job openings for partners.

  • Proposed process improvement recommendations that were utilized for onboarding and hiring processes.

  • Interviewed new job applicants, onboarded, and provided educational suggestions.

  • Conducted job performances with contractors and made improvement recommendations.

Marketing Contractor

Provide support to several clients in various marketing needs that include social media, website design, content creation, branded graphics and more.

Eberl Claims Service + Additional Clients

Remote Contract Work

  • Design and manage user-friendly websites with aesthetic layouts, supporting graphics, engaging content, and more.

  • Produce social media campaigns and build out a strategic monthly calendar.

  • Design social media images, print collateral, promotional videos, and event signage.

  • Provide marketing consulting support and collaborate with cross-functional teams.

  • Devise marketing campaigns and effective go-to-market strategies to reach goals.

  • Produce effective blog content, marketing emails, and information for web pages to advertise business objectives.

  • Create brand guides to promote a clear and consistent brand image.

  • Develop branded PowerPoint decks and supporting graphics.

  • Coordinate and create content for the quarterly newsletter sent to 30,000 contractors.

2019 - 2021
2011 - 2018

Event & Marketing Manager

Promoted to this position after working as a Merchandising & Events Coordinator for 3 years.

National Ski Patrol

Headquarters in Lakewood, CO

  • Produced fundraising and recruitment marketing materials for over 600 patrols in the United States and Europe.

  • Prepared extensive reports that helped guide strategy development using analytical tools.

  • Directed ski patrol bike and ski/snowboard photoshoots to procure media assets for our marketing department and partner brands. 

  • Planned 900+ person national conferences that involved identifying venues, negotiating contracts, hiring vendors, sourcing volunteer staff, contracting sponsors, and arranging transportation. 

  • Increased each conference's attendance by over 50%, with needing to close registration months early each year due to event space capacity. 

  • Organized 12 leadership and committee meetings per year. Managed funds, approved reimbursements, and created budget planning for the following year. 

  • Directed summer bike and winter ski/snowboard photoshoots to procure media assets for our marketing department and partner brands. 

Colorado State University

2007 - 2012

Bachelor of Applied Human Sciences,

Apparel & Merchandising


  • Website Design

  • Adobe (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign) and Canva

  • Marketing Automation 

  • Mailchimp and Email Marketing

  • Google & Facebook Ads

Technical Skills


As a marketing contractor, I have provided marketing support to a diverse range of clients. Through my marketing efforts, these clients experienced significant boosts in brand awareness and customer engagement. To view samples of my work, please click the "View Projects" buttons below.


  • Social Media Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Creation

  • Video Creation


  • Event Management

  • Marketing Materials

  • Website Design

  • Content Creation


  • Social Media Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Content Creation

  • Video Creation


  • Graphic Design

  • Content Creation

  • Website Design

  • Logo Design

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